The All Payments page allows you to view your future, pending, and past payments, so you can easily keep track of your payment status. Go to the My Payments section on your Dashboard or Payments menu option under your profile image to view the page.

The payment information displays all details related to your TTA payments, including a description of services you performed, any fees being deducted (e.g., car rental, travel prepay fee of $35 per travel reservation booking/per job, etc.) additional expenses to be reimbursed (per diem, gas, parking, etc.), total payment amount, and the date payment was received.

All Payments Page

What you can do on the All Payments page:

  • Sort Payments: Click on any of the main headings (i.e., Job #, Job Name, etc.) to sort the information by ascending or descending order
  • Search Payments: Use the Keyword Search, All Status, and Latest menu options to refine search criteria or select Advanced Search to filter further by date range and job
  • View Payment Status: To the right of each job, the current payment status is listed
    • Pending – Additional information is needed
    • Processing – Invoice and related documents received and pending approval
    • Approved – Payment for services is ready to be processed
    • Paid – Payment for services was received
    • Disputed – Job and related payment is being reviewed
  • Upload Invoice, Receipts, Timesheets, or Evaluations: Click on a Job#, Job Name or Task link to view the specific job details and to upload any necessary documentation
  • Export Payments: Click the Export to CSV button to download the selected data in a CSV file

Note: Standard payment terms are Net 30 days from TTA’s receipt of your final bill (invoice), expenses, timesheet, and student evaluations (if applicable). Early payment options may be restricted for certain jobs or projects. In these cases, standard payment terms will apply. For availability of payment options, please refer to your TTA Order or contact TTA.