Job Invoicing

To minimize payment delays, it is recommended that TTA independent contractors submit the required documentation, including a valid bill (invoice), receipts, timesheets (if applicable), and student evaluations (if applicable) within 3 days of completion of service.

Per TTA’s Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), payment terms for invoices, expenses, and evaluations received after 5 days and up to 29 days from completion of service shall be net 45 days from receipt of valid invoices, expenses, timesheets, and student evaluations.

To upload your receipts, timesheets, invoices, and evaluations:

  • Log in and from the Dashboard click on the Action Required link
  • We’ll notify you here of any tasks that require your attention for invoicing, evaluations, and order confirmations (IOCs), etc.

Invoicing - Dashboard

  • Next, click on the Go To Invoice(s) button to add required invoicing information and supporting documents

Invoicing - Job

  • On the Tasks listing, click on the Invoice button for the task you want to submit invoicing details and documents for

Invoicing - Schedule

  • On the Invoicing tab, review and complete all applicable fields


    • Payment Terms: Modify your payment terms if needed (Note: only applicable term options for the job will be displayed in the drop down menu)
    • Supporting Documents: Select one of the three options to let us know if you will be providing supporting documents and click Save to update your changes

Note: If documentation is required for the Job, you will be only able to select this option to upload documents.


      • To add supporting documents, click the Upload button and select the appropriate document type (receipt, timesheet, or invoice)


    • Upload Receipt 

Tip: To make it easier, attach all the expenses for the task and enter the total amount or add all expenses per day

Invoice - Upload Receipt

    • Upload Timesheet

Invoice - Upload Timeshe

    • Upload Invoice 

Invoice - Upload Invoice

    • Upload Expenses

Click on the Evaluations tab to upload any expenses

  • Once you submit your receipts, timesheets, invoices or evaluations, the date will be logged and the TTA team will be notified

  • View the My Documents page to download or delete any of your uploaded files