Jobs in Progress

Congratulations on your contract job assignment!

Visit the Job Center and click on the In Progress page to manage your training tasks. It lists all accepted jobs that you are currently working on with TTA.

Here’s what you can do on the Job Detail page by selecting any of the five navigation sections:

  • Job Details: This is where you’ll get a overview of the job, including the job posting summary, upcoming schedule by tasks, documents, and quick links to upload invoices, receipts, timesheets, and student evaluations.

Tip: Click on any task link to view more details about that specific task like details, schedule, documents, and receipts.

Job Details - Task

  • Schedule: View your schedule for the job based on defined tasks, dates, location, task status, and invoices. Click on any task link to view more details and the three ellipses to easily upload other job related invoices and documents.

  • Documents: View all your documents for the job. Search by name or sort by document type. You can download or delete your files by clicking on the three ellipses next to the document. Click on Upload Documents to add files.

  • Work Diary: The status of all your Work Diary logs are found here. You can easily see the status of each log, and edit or view details on it as needed.

  • Reviews: When clients provide a review for you through TTA Connect, you’ll see it here.