Once you have been selected for a job, TTA will contact you by phone or email. You will receive a TTA Instructor Order Confirmation (IOC) containing all of the necessary details related to the job or a TTA Work Order (WO) with details related to the project.

You will be able to view your IOC/WO 15 minutes after it has been processed by TTA. Upon receiving and reviewing the order, you must accept it by signing it online. Upon receiving a Work Order, you must upload this to your my Documents page.  Once you sign the IOC/Work Order, the icon will change to signify completion.

The Legal Documents page provides you with links to view, sign, and download required TTA documents, including:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) – This agreement outlines the general relationship between TTA and the training professional. Please sign, download and fully execute this agreement, and retain a printed copy for your records
  • W-9  or W-8 – For tax purposes, training professionals need to complete and upload
  • Early Payment and Travel Pre-Payment Options – These optional services offer accelerated payment and/or pre-payment of your travel arrangements
  • Consent to Perform Criminal History Background Check – This is required for all TTA projects but is not required for transactional jobs

Depending on our client’s requirements, additional documentation may be requested of you.