View Talent Profiles

After a draft job is submitted, it’s moved from Drafts to the Open status. You’ll be able to view your original job post from the Job Center and track the different status of each candidate submission. A listing of all your open jobs will be displayed in this section. Use the filter options to search by talent name and filter by submission date and rate.

Image of Job Center - Open Jobs

Click on the job name to view the details of the job post and submission status:

  • The Job Post section displays the details of your job post
  • The Review Submissions section displays candidates that we think will be a good fit for your job
  • The Interviews section shows candidates that you are scheduled to interview
  • The Accepted section lists the talent you’ve selected to hire for the job
  • The Not Selected section lists the talent you have not chosen for your job

Each candidate will be in one of the different submission statuses based on your action, making it easy to manage and accept the right candidate for your job!

Image of review submission

Reviewing Candidate Submissions

Our team will identify candidates that match the skills, experience, and requirements for the job. You’ll be notified on the Dashboard and by email of your new candidates that we think will be a great fit!

From the Dashboard you will see a green icon with the number of candidate submissions for each job posting. Click on the Open job number to view the proposed candidates.

image of open jobs on dashboard

From the Review Submissions page, you can evaluate candidates and view the talent’s proposal and profiles, including rate, work experience, skills, portfolio samples, etc. Click on the name of the candidate to view the details. After you review their profile information, there’s a notes section to keep track of your personal comments for each candidate.

screenshot of talent profile

After reviewing a candidate, you can: