Job Center

The Job Center is where you can view and manage all your jobs. There are five job sections that show the different statuses of your jobs, including draft, open, hired, completed, and templates. Every job will be automatically moved into the relevant section based on its status, simplifying your ability to see the progress of each job.

Job Center

Drafts: All jobs that have not been submitted to TTA are automatically saved here. You can view and edit your drafts at any time.

Open: Here’s where you’ll find the jobs that you’ve submitted to TTA. This is where you’ll go to review candidate submissions and start selecting the talent for your unique role.

Hired: This page contains all your current contracted jobs. You can view all the specific details of your job, including important dates, schedules, assigned talent, documents, invoices, etc. You can even chat with your team here!

Completed: Any jobs that were completed are located here. You can always refer back to any job by visiting this page.

Templates: All your saved job templates are conveniently listed on this page. You can edit or create a job from a template.