Once talent has been hired for your job, you’ll be able to view the talent and assigned schedule of tasks for your job. From the Job Center, click on the Hired tab, select your job, and click the Schedule tab.

From the Schedule page, you can:

  • View schedule of talent and assigned tasks
  • Access the task details
  • View job tasks by day, week, or lists as needed
  • Filter tasks by date

To change the calendar view, click the Days, Weeks, or List options buttons on the top of the calendar view. Use the page navigation to move between dates or select a date from the calendar search field. Select the Hide Talent Without Task to only view tasks that are assigned to talent.



Tip: To easily view the status for multiple tasks, click the list schedule view. The status of each task is shown:

  • Request – A task submitted to the TTA team for review
  • Order – A task in process and has not been completed
  • Uninvoiced – A completed task but an invoice has not been created
  • Unpaid – A completed and invoiced task
  • Paid – A completed task and payment was received
  • Cancelled – A task that is cancelled and no longer valid

Click on any of the tasks highlighted in blue from within the calendar to get detailed information on the task.