Hired Jobs

In the Job Center, click the Hired tab to find all your current contracted jobs. Here, you can access comprehensive job details, such as important dates, schedules, talent, documents, invoices, and even chat with your team. This is your go-to place for managing and viewing all your current jobs!

Hire Page View


From the Hired Jobs page, you can:

  • Access the Job Details by clicking on the job name, to see info such as hired talent, schedule, documents, Work Diary, invoices, and reviews

image of Hired Menu


  • Click the ellipses […] next to each job to access helpful links: select the Files link if you want to view job documents, Duplicate Job to make a copy of the job, or Save as Template to create a template based on this job

Hired Helpful Links

  • Download the details of your hired jobs into an CSV file by selecting the download option
  • View your hired jobs by grid or list view by clicking on the blue grid or list view button options


Grid Views


  • Search by Job Name, Job ID, or use the advanced search for additional filtering options

Tip: To view only the jobs that you’ve created, select the “View My Jobs Only” option in the advanced search criteria. A blue checkmark will appear. If you want to view all jobs that you are working together on with colleagues, click the box to remove the checkmark.

Hired Search Bar