Interview Candidates

To view all proposals for your job(s), navigate to the Job Center, and the Open tab. If you have any candidate submissions, the indicator should be green for Candidate Submissions. You may also filter for jobs with submissions under the Advanced Search.

Under the Submissions tab, you’ll find talent who are interested in your job! When you find a candidate that you want to interview, click the Interview button located to the right of their name.

image of interview button

Complete the short Schedule Interview form with your three preferred interview dates and times.

image of schedule interview form

We’ll confirm the candidate’s availability, schedule the interview, and send you a meeting invite for the interview.

By submitting an interview request, the candidate will move from Job Submissions to Interviews. You can easily keep track of all your pending and scheduled interviews from this page and can make any necessary changes as needed. You have the option to reschedule or cancel an interview. After the interview, you can accept or reject candidates.

image of interview section


Tip: Once interviewed, if talent is not a good fit for the role, but you want to remember them as a potential future hire, you can select Add to Favorites. The candidate is saved on the Talent page for future reference and a heart will appear next to their name.

image of favorite talent from interview