Validate the great work that you do with a testimonial from a client. It’s displayed on your profile and gives extra proof that you’ll be a great person for a job! It’s easy to send a testimonial request directly to your non-TTA client through TTA Connect.

To request a testimonial:

  • Go to My Profile
  • Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click the Request button in the testimonials section

Testimonials on Profile


  • Complete the form with client’s information, including name, company name, email, project name, and job title
  • Click Request to send the testimonial request to your non-TTA client contact

  • Your contact will receive an email with a message from you asking to provide the testimonial for your work
  • Your testimonials are displayed on your profile
  • You can view and manage testimonials from the Manage Testimonials page under Account Settings menu
    • Select “Public” to add the testimonial to your profile and make it visible
    • Select “Private” to make it not viewable by clients

Testimonials - Account Settings