Payment Information

You can modify your bank account and payment preferences by clicking on the Payment Information located on the Account Settings menu (click on your profile image found on the top right-hand side of the page to access the drop-down menu).

Complete or update your bank account information:

  • Financial Institution and Account Details – Complete all the requested information and click the box to add a checkbox to confirm that you have full authorization of this account.

An Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing number identifies the primary branch that acts as a clearing house for checks, not necessarily the branch the check was drawn on. The routing numbers on checks are also called ABA (American Bankers Association) Routing Numbers. ACHs use a different network than direct deposits and checks. Some banks have different routing numbers for ACH withdrawals, check clearing, and direct deposits or wiring funds. If you are unsure of your ACH routing number, it is best to call your bank or go online and check the bank’s FAQs for the correct routing number.

Wire Transfer (available to international independent contractors only) is an electronic funds transfer method from our bank account to your bank account.

  • Payment Terms – Select your payment preference using the drop-down menu and save your desired changes. The option you select from the drop-down menu will be the default method by which you will receive payment/reimbursement for future jobs performed. You can also change your payment preference per task if desired.
    • You have the ability to change payment terms until the last day of class. Should you need to change payment terms after the last day of class, send an email to

Payment Information

    • Payment Preference – Independent contractors who have taught at least three classes and whose performance and professionalism are in good standing based on student evaluations, client feedback, and TTA approval, may request early payment. Please note, prompt payment may not be an option for certain jobs, including train-the-trainer, proprietary rollouts, projects, etc., and standard terms will apply in this case. Please verify with your TTA team for more information.
    • Payment Terms – Days Paid (Fee Deduction)
        • 1 Day (10%)
        • 7 Days (5%)
        • 14 Days (3%)
        • 21 Days (2%)
        • Net 30 Days (0%)
        • Pay When Paid – If the job quality is in question or a job is canceled, you will be paid once the client approves the work and pays TTA
        • The early payment option impacts all future jobs and includes the associated fee deduction based on the total amount paid. If any of the above days fall on a weekend or holiday, payments will be sent the next business day.