Submit a Proposal

As a TTA L&D professional, you can view and quote on available jobs that are posted on the Job Center.

  • The Find Work page displays all available jobs and is updated in real-time
  • The Saved Jobs page lists all your saved jobs so you can submit a proposal at your convenience

When you find a job that interests you, it’s time to submit your proposal!

Job Center - Submit Proposal

To submit a proposal for a training job:   

  • Visit the Job Center.
  • Click on the posted job listing, and read it carefully for any specific requirements.

Proposal - Job Description

  • Click Submit Proposal and complete the short proposal submission form on the left hand side of the page:
    • In the Your Proposal Information text box, include any details that highlight how you would be a great fit for this particular job (e.g., years working with a particular training tool, related job experience, etc.).
    • In Your Terms/Rate Information, add your rate and include any comments on your quoted rate for the recruiting team
    • In the Supporting Document(s) section, add any relevant documents that you would like to include as part of your proposal submission (e.g., work samples, course materials, etc.).
      • To add files, click the add button and choose the files from your existing TTA Connect profile portfolio or download a new file from your computer.
    • Click Submit Proposal to present your quote to the recruiting team for consideration.


  • Your bid will now appear on the Proposals Submitted page on the Job Center so you can easily keep track of the status of quoted jobs
  • The assigned TTA recruiter for the job will also contact you to keep you updated on the status of your submission.

More about the proposal submission process:

  • TTA looks to fill every job with the most qualified L&D professional
  • The rate is only one of many factors that we consider when selecting a L&D professional for an engagement
  • TTA does not “set the rate” in the industry but does work with clients of all sizes and economic means
  • TTA does need competitive rates from contractors so we can offer the most qualified contractors at the best possible rate to our clients
  • TTA provides payment to contractors on a daily rate for almost all training engagements; however, there are occasions where an hourly rate may apply
  • Please read the posting for any specific directions
  • When quoting on a job, TTA expects that your daily rate will include any travel costs unless otherwise specified in the posting
  • The best way to estimate an all-inclusive rate is to add travel costs to your daily rate
  • If needed, use an online travel site (e.g., Expedia) to estimate any travel costs
  • Once you have figured out total expense cost, then you would add this to your daily rate. For example:
    • Daily rate = $500/day or $2500 for the week (5-day class)
    • Travel total estimate = $2000 (airfare, hotel, rental car and per diem). The daily rate is calculated for you is $400
    • Your all-inclusive daily rate is calculated as $500 + $400 = $900 per day
    • There are instances where travel is being covered by the client, so please always read posting entirely before quoting
    • After one successful teach for TTA, you may be eligible for our pre-pay travel services

Good luck with your proposals, and we’re here to help answer any questions!