Notification Settings

You can manage your account notifications from the Account Settings page. Click the drop-down menu under your name in the top right on TTA Connect and select Account Settings. From here, click to view your Notification Settings.

Select the types of communications you would like to receive from TTA. Whether your communication preference is email, text, or through TTA Connect notifications, we’ll send you important updates on your account and other relevant messages. Select your preferences by clicking on the Account Notifications and Email Subscriptions tabs under the Notification Settings heading.

Account Notifications:

  • Using the checkboxes, select your preferred account notifications. Options for types of communication include email, TTA Connect app/dashboard notifications, or text/SMS message.
  • Click Save to update your selection preference.

image of account notifications

Email Subscriptions:

  • Select the types of emails you would like to receive from TTA by clicking the checkbox next to each email category.
  • To receive all emails, select Opt in to all subscriptions.
  • Click Save to update your email preferences.

image of email subscriptions