To minimize payment delays, it is recommended that TTA independent contractors submit the required documentation, including a valid bill (invoice), receipts, timesheets (if applicable), and student evaluations (if applicable) within 3 days of completion of service.

Per TTA’s Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), payment terms for invoices, expenses, and evaluations received after 5 days and up to 29 days from completion of service shall be net 45 days from receipt of valid invoices, expenses, timesheets, and student evaluations.

To upload your timesheets:

  • Go to the Job Center and click on the In Progress page

Job Details

  • Open your desired training job
  • Click the Upload Timesheet button located on the page

Upload timesheet

  • The Upload Timesheet form will open


    • Select the desired job task from the drop-down menu
    • Next, click on the Upload Documents section and attach the files that do not exceed 100 MB
    • Click the Upload button to save the document to the Job and to the My Documents page
    • The TTA team will be notified of the submission
    • View the My Documents page to download or delete a file



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