Student Evaluations


Student evaluations (if applicable) are to be completed upon the conclusion of each training class for TTA. It is the responsibility of the Independent Contractor to ensure that TTA receives a copy of the evaluations within the specified timeframe, or has access to the evaluations.

To ensure prompt payment, TTA strongly recommends submitting student evaluations within 3 days of completion of the job, and no more than 5 days following the job.

To upload your student evaluations:

  • Go to the Job Center and click on the In Progress page

student evals location

  • Select the job you wish to upload the document to
  • Click the Upload Evaluations button located on the page

Student Evals - Jobs

  • The Upload Evaluations form will open

Student Evals

    • Select the desired job task from the drop-down menu
    • Next, click on the Upload Documents section and attach the files that do not exceed 100 MB
    • Click the Upload button to save the document to the Job and to the My Documents page
    • The TTA team will be notified of the submission



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