My Information

Profile Photo

To update a Profile Photo:

  • Go to the My Information section of the profile builder or My Profile
  • Click the blue upload icon next to the image placeholder
  • Select a PNG or JPG profile image with a maximum file size of 5MB
  • Using the Photo Crop tool, move the box and drag the corners to select the desired area
  • Click Crop & Save to save photo or Cancel to continue with another selection


  • Use a high-resolution image (less than 5MB)
  • Be the only person in the picture
  • Take the photo in soft, natural light (avoid direct sunlight and overhead light that tends to cast shadows)
  • Select a background that is clear and not distracting (a solid-colored wall or simple outdoor background are good options)
  • Dress in professional attire
  • Smile (who doesn’t like seeing one)
  • Select a picture that shows your face so that it takes up most of the frame (best practice is to show your head and top of your shoulders)